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Trumpet Lessons Acacia Gardens

A trumpet is a musical instrument.  It is the highest register in the brass family.  They date back to the 1500 BC.

A person playing the trumpet is called a “Trumpet player or Trumpeter”.

The trumpet is played by blowing air through closed lips, producing a buzzing sound that starts a standing wave vibration in the air column inside the instrument.

We have numerous students learning the trumpet and enjoying the learning.  We also encourage our students, once they have obtained a certain level to become an active member of the Hills Community Band which we run.

The trumpet is a beautiful sounding instrument that can easily express the performers feelings for each piece.

Sandra’s Music School encourage each student to express themselves through their playing and learning.

We start each student with “Accent on Achievement” material and advance them to more challenging pieces as their skills develop.

Our trumpet teacher is extremely gifted in this instrument and we have seen tremendous skill, technique usage used in the playing of our current students, taught by him.

At Sandra’s Music School, Express Trumpet Lessons Acacia Gardens take our students from beginners to all levels and for those wanting to obtain qualifications, we assist them in obtaining certificates in music through theory and practical.

Give Express Trumpet Lessons Acacia Gardens a call on 1300EXPRESS so Express Trumpet Lessons Acacia Gardens can help you reach your musical ability.