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Soprano Cornet Lessons Stanhope Gardens

The Soprano Cornet is a brass instrument, similar to the Bb Cornet.  It is a transposing instrument, but pitched higher in Eb.

A single soprano cornet is usually seen in brass bands and silver bands and can often be found playing lead or descant parts in ensembles.

Sandra’s Music School has an excellent music teacher who has played for the Parramatta City Band, The Salvation Army bands and is the Cornet Soloist in the Hills Community Band, Glenwood.

Express Soprano Cornet Lessons Stanhope Gardens teach our students from the Accent on Achievement material and then as they develop their musical skills, we take them onto more challenging pieces.

We also prepare our students who wish to obtain certificates in music, for their grading work with the Australian Music Examination Board.

Daniel believes in making learning fun, tailoring each lesson to the students abilities and helping them to achieve excellence through their playing and learning.

Daniel is very excited to hear from you and to assist you in learning a fantastic instrument, so call Express Soprano Cornet Lessons Stanhope Gardens on 1300EXPRESS so Express Soprano Cornet Lessons Stanhope Gardens can start you on your musical journey.