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Singing Lessons Parklea

Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice, and augments regular speech by the use of both tonality and rhythym.  A person who sings is called a Singer or Vocalist.

Singers perform music that can be sung either with or without music.

In many respects human song is a form of sustained speech, nearly anyone who can speak can also sing. Singing can be formal or informal, arranged or improvised.  You can sing for pleasure, comfort, ritual, education or profit.

Excellence in singing may require time, dedication, instruction and regular practice. If practice is done regulary, then the sounds are said to be clearer and stronger. Professional singers usually build their careers around one specific musical genre, such as classical or rock.


Sandra’s Music School tailors your learning to what type of songs you like, whilst Express Singing Lessons Parklea also train you in all different techniques and styles, such as classical, musical theatre, contemporary, jazz and others.

Express Singing Lessons Parklea require a one hour lesson as there is a lot of work involved in developing your voice.

Express Singing Lessons Parklea singing teacher uses her own material with singing that she has obtained from years of study.  Keyra is presently studying a Bachelor in Vocal at the Wesley University, Sydney.  Whilst already completing a years study at the A.I.M, Sydney.

Keyra has been taught by the best as her past vocal instructor instructs others for theatre productions as well as being an active member of the Music Board, N.S.W.

Keyra believes singing should be joyful and from the heart.

Keyra is an extremely busy lady who is in great demand.  She would however, still love to hear from you, so call us on 1300EXPRESS so we can book you in for your first lesson.  Believe me, after your first lesson with Keyra, you will not regret it.