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Singing Lessons Londonderry

Singing is the one talent virtually everyone possess’.  Some more natural that others, but even a poor voice can be overcome by dedication, practice and more practice.

The style you want to sing can vastly change how you sing.  Understand the demands of your particular style, but realise that learning the techniques of multiple styles can only make you a better singer.  Finding your vocal range is essential as singing pieces written in the wrong range wont suit your voice.  Your range can be developed with Express Singing Lessons Londonderry if you are ready to practice and ready to start taking lessons finding the right vocal coach can help you become a good singer.  Express Singing Lessons Londonderry have experienced teachers with over 20 years experience to make you a singer.  Learn breathing as it is essential as the voice is described as a wind instrument, learn vowels and pitches dynamics, agility whether you are a tenor, baritone, alto, soprano learn scales, learn confidence. Get better and continue to improve.  Come join the Express Music Tuition Team and keep your dream alive.  Access to Piano’s, guitars backing tracks, karaoke tracks, recording facilities, microphones, PA systems industry Contacts, Call Express Singing Lessons Londonderry on 0428 33 58 74 or Express Music Tuition on 1300 Express.