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Piano Lessons Glenwood

The Piano is a music instrument played using a keyboard. It Is widely used for all types of music as well as solo performances, composing, rehearsals, chamber music and others.

To play a Piano, you have to learn both clefs, Treble and Bass (full octave).  This is a beautiful instrument that allows a pianist to communicate their interpretation of piece of music to their audience.

At Sandra’s Music School, Express Piano Lessons Glenwood teach the Piano in a knowledgeable, yet fun way.  Practice is vital if you are wanting to get the best out of your learning.

Express Piano Lessons Glenwood teach piano using the “Progressive Piano”, method book 1 and advancing from there.

Express Piano Lessons Glenwood do prepare students who wish to do examinations through the Australian Music Examination Board for their theory and practical exams.  This we believe greatly helps the student to become more accomplished in their own right.

Half hour and hourly lessons are given, depending on the students needs.

Sandra loves to teach Piano and would love to hear from you, so call us on 1300EXPRESS.