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Piano Lessons Cambridge Park

Hi, I am Rohan Hotchkiss Express Music Tuition Teacher.

Your dreams of playing piano player will come true as you are about to discover how to unlock the keys, sight read music, learn notes on the piano in an alphabetical colour coded method. Easy to understand with latest software to colour code sheet music. Express Piano Lessons Cambridge Park apply colour stickers to your keyboard making it easy to remember once instrument is picked back up.  Stickers are supplied free of charge during your tuition. It will not affect your playing ability nor damage your instrument. Once you have mastered the piano in colour, you can then sight read music normally and take your exams. Express Piano Lessons Cambridge Park have a new studio ready to use with keyboards to learn on. Access to P.A, Recording software, backing tracks. Tuition is $19.95 one on one, free book and stickers. So put those negative thoughts behind you. Start with an open mind, it will take practice.  Learn to play on your own.  Call and book Express Piano Lessons Cambridge Park today on 0428 33 58 74 or Express Music Tuition on 1300 Express.