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Music Tuition South Morang

Welcome to Express Music Tuition South Morang

At Express Music South Morang, We are passionate about music! We want to see you or your child grow and learn something so much more then just a skill, but a passion!

I have a desire to see people of all ages learn new musical skills. Regardless of whether you are from a corporate background or have a family of your own, our goal at Express Music Tuition South Morang is to provide a value for money service that appeals to people from all walks of life. Whether you are interested in learning guitar, Bass Guitar, or piano, Express Music Tuition South Morang has an option for you. If you are an up and coming new artist, we offer affordable recording services as well as help in choosing and maintaining your instrument.

For a professional and fun learning experience, Contact 1300 EXPRESS today and we will have you learning in no time!

We Offer One to One Lessons from $24.99 in the following:

Guitar is such a versatile and portable instrument. Take it with you to school, to your mates, even to the beach! you can play guitar anywhere! With 10 years of experience in guitar playing and a great understanding of the music world, we can get you up on your feet playing your favourite tunes in no time at all. All it takes is a little motivation and a passion and the rest your can learn with Express!

Every song needs a great Bass Line!

With over 14 years of experience in playing the bass guitar and over 20 years of music knowledge, Express will have you jamming with your mates in no time at all!

Theres nothing like listening to a beautiful melody on the piano, and you can be the one making that melody in no time at all with Express!

From Classical to Pop, we can teach you how to read music and play along to all your favourite tunes!

Want it Cheaper? Learn with a Mate!

We can teach in Twos, with Lessons for Pairs Starting at $20 Each! So Why not learn with a Mate!


Dont play thousands for Recordings! 

With recording abilities in house, Express can also track your Tunes starting from around $150 per song! We can also add instruments that you dont play to get the best sounding demo possible at an affordable cost. This includes producing, mixing, and all the help you’ll need to get that sound out of your heart and into the ears of all who can hear.