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Music Teacher Melbourne

Known for its sophistication, its night-life and arguably nominated as Australia’s arts capitol – Melbourne is a musician’s Mecca and a “must do” destination! With a burgeoning live music culture it is one of the greatest cities in the country for players of original music, they come from all over to make the pilgrimage and visit Melbourne at least once at some stage of their careers.

“What’s the big deal” you may say …maybe it’s because you live there! So don’t let that stop you. If you want to stop dreaming and make it real you can be a part of this magical musical journey too. If you play a musical instrument already and want to improve or if you are just a beginner – Express Music Tuition Melbourne can set you on the path to stardom or if you’re not aiming quite that high we can give you the skills and confidence to be able to play anywhere from one of your local venues to just sitting around a campfire with friends or even to an audience of one in your bedroom – where you’re always a star!

Learning an instrument is not only fun – it’s a life skill, something you will carry with you for the rest of your life, and one of the great side benefits is playing music not only brightens your existence but will uplift all those around you as well.

It’s easy to do when you learn from an experienced, qualified Express Music instructor. Our teachers are professional, patient and are particularly good at understanding the needs of their clients and will work with each student to build a personal lesson plan to achieve those musical goals as soon as possible. And they will do all this in the comfort and security of your own home because we’re a mobile service – so we come to you!

Why wait another day? Put that plan into action. The one that’s been sitting in the back of your mind for years! You know the one – you’ve made lame excuses why you couldn’t do it for so long now and you’ve been threatening to do it – but now there’s nothing stopping you.

If you have children and you can see the benefits of learning a music instrument and the amazing effects it has on your student’s schoolwork, Express Music Tuition Melbourne is perfect for you because we can come to your home – no more parking issues, pick up and drop off dramas, shuffling work duties etc. It’s just so convenient not to mention cost effective.

Express Music Tuition Melbourne make it so easy to learn music when and where it suits you. We come to you (home, office, wherever), we supply most of your materials all you need is your instrument and if you don’t even have that, we can help you to get one of those too! Our teachers have excellent connections with retailers who provide quality, affordable instruments.

Express Music Tuition Melbourne is the answer to make those musical aspirations reality. With private lessons from just $29.90 and the peace of mind of the professionalism and backing of our national company, your music debut may be just around the corner.

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