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Guitar Tuition Penrith

Hi, I am Rohan Hotchkiss – Express Music Teacher! Your dreams of being a great musician will come true as you discover the riffs, rhythms and secrets using the latest software to teach in an alphabetical colour coded method to have you sight reading music instantly.

I help you learn by applying coloured stickers to the instrument,  making it easy to remember once instrument is picked back up and learning the notes on the instrument.

Express Guitar Tuition Penrith will guide you from beginner to advanced level.

Express Guitar Tuition Penrith will go through rock, blues, metal and scales to help you build strength and coordination. I teach advanced chords, hammer on pull off, slides, bends, vibrato for guitar.

Stickers are supplied with your tuition they will not affect your playing ability nor damage your instrument once you have mastered your colours and songs in colour you can then take the challenge of sight reading music normally and take your exams.

Guitar re stringing, tuning, guitar intonation and clean polish services are also available.

Express Guitar Tuition Penrith have a brand new studio ready to use with full effects boards, amps, pa recording software and backing tracks. I have been playing music for thirty years and successfully teaching for ten years.
As an introductory offer, I am offering  complete music tuition $19.95 one on one tuition, free beginners book and stickers. Express Music Tuition is available to service the Penrith and Blue Mountains area.