The Express Network

Express Business Australia Support network

In order for business owners to be successful and gain the most for their business it is important for them to have a solid support network around them.


The Express Business Australia Support network is essential to every new business owner for the following reasons,


They are there to build relationships with diverse franchisees and assist in;

  • Business Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Help Manage Businesses
  • Give Suggestions and/or ideas
  • Support Growth
  • Personal Development
  • Communicate Source of Action
  • Advice & Ongoing support
  • In House & On the Job Training
  • Product Knowledge
  • Use of Equipment
  • Health and Safety
  • Emergency Management & Recovery
  • Marketing Planning
  • Concerns & Issues


Express Business Australia is readily available for all their franchisees either by correspondence i.e. Telephone, email or via face to face support.

The diverse network of express facilitators is on hand to guide and mentor you through every aspect in running your own business.

They will teach you the business skills you will need all through to operations.


The Express Support trainers also have great product knowledge; they will show you how to use all the different equipment and products needed to run your business.

Whilst training you they will have a checklist to review and to make sure you are happy and confident in all aspects of running your own business.


Express Business Australia have set up an online website called EMS which is most useful  to manage your business effectively, it includes things such as booking jobs, invoicing, diary operations, time management and is a great source of communication with the Express Support Network.

They are able to view your business growth and develop and communicate source of action with you in areas that you might need assistance with.


The Express Support Network is always there to assist you, communicate with you on a day to day basis and last but not least support you in all areas of your business in order to achieve business growth and success!