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Electric Guitar Lessons Stanhope Gardens

The Electric Guitar is a guitar that uses a pickup to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical impulses.

Invented in 1931, the guitar became a necessity as Jazz musicians sought to amplify their sound in the big band format.

At our music school, we teach beginners to advanced students and are always happy to assist others in learning this instrument.

Express Electric Guitar Lessons Stanhope Gardens teach all guitar students the practical side of music and combine this with theory, so that they can pick up any piece of music and be able to play.

Express Electric Guitar Lessons Stanhope Gardens do not teach guitarist to play by tabs as this is restrictive to their learning.

All students are encouraged to prepare for their theory and practical examinations so they too can obtain certificates in music, and this is done through our school, working with the Australian Music Examination Board, taking students from grade one to grade eight.

Our guitar teacher comes with certified to work with children, numerous years experience in teaching all levels of competency.

Joshua has been taught by the best and is wanting to teach others the techniques and different styles of playing.

All students are taught at their own pace and Joshua believes that learning should be fun but also taken seriously.

Give Express Electric Guitar Lessons Stanhope Gardens a call on 1300EXPRESS to book a lesson.