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Drum Lessons Londonderry

Drums are one of the most popular instruments. Drum techniques can be learnt in a few lessons with Express Drum Lessons Londonderry but can take months or years to master practice habits. You can learn more complex patterns, learn to count quarter notes and eighty notes beats. Learn the basic drum kit, bass drum, snare drum, toms1, tom2, floor tom, hit hat, ride and crash cymbals. Develop muscles, switch it up patterns while counting the beat learn double strokes, on your snare drum, learn triplets, 16th, 32nd notes. If you are ready to start taking lessons drum coaching can make you a good drummer, learn syncopation and all drums techniques use fills to and to the song you are playing, using creativity playing complex fills. Express Drum Lessons Londonderry here at Express Music Tuition who has a full studio with access to all instruments including drum tracks for practice, backing tracks, recording facilities. Book Express Drum Lessons Londonderry today on 0428 33 58 74 or 1300EXPRESS