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Cornet Lessons Glenwood

The cornet is a brass instrument, very similar to the trumpet, distinguished by its conical bore, compact shape and mellower tone quality. The most common cornet is a transposing instrument in Bb.

The cornet is a smaller instrument, compared to the trumpet, it’s more mellow in sound.

Theto learn and comes with a real love and desire to be the best cornet player Express Cornet Lessons Glenwood can be.

Daniel believes in making music fun, but with that, Express Cornet Lessons Glenwood also invites applying yourself to the work that needs to happen.

All A.M.E.B Gradings for exams, both theory and practical are prepared for and held at our school.

Daniel comes extremely qualified and very well taught.  He has studied under band masters from the Conservatorium of Music and the Navy Band.  As well as holding first cornet position in three bands.

Give Express Cornet Lessons Glenwood a call on 1300EXPRESS to start your musical journey.