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Clarinet Lessons Stanhope Gardens

The Clarinet is a family of woodwind instruments, having a single-reed mouthpiece, straight cylindrical tube and a flaring bell.

A person who plays this instrument is called a Clarinetist or Clarinettist.

The clarinet is Italian for trumpet. The reason for the name is that “it sounded from far off not unlike a trumpet”.

There are some different types of clarinets of differing sizes and pitches. “Clarinet” usually refers to the Bb soprano clarinet, by far the most common type, which has a large range of nearly four octaves.

The clarinet family is the largest woodwind family, with more than a dozen types.

Today, the clarinet is used in jazz and classical ensembles, in chamber groups, and as a solo instrument.

Sandra’s Express Clarinet Lessons Stanhope Gardens teaches the clarinet and is prominately used in the Hills Community Band at Glenwood, N.S.W as well as our students performing in school bands.

The material that Express Clarinet Lessons Stanhope Gardens uses to teach is “Accent on Achievement” as well as teaching from other material.

Sandra teaches this instrument herself and believes in teaching techniques, theory knowledge whilst playing.  She also believes that learning should be fun but also taken seriously.

Sandra has a Certificate in Music, Diploma in Education as well as Grading certificates that she has obtained through Australian Music Examination Board.  As well as obtained a “Working with children Certificate”.

Call Express Clarinet Lessons Stanhope Gardens on 1300EXPRESS to make a booking.