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Baritone Lessons Acacia Gardens

The Baritone is a low pitched brass instrument. Baritones are frequently found in brass bands, concert bands, school bands, local bands and University bands.

The Baritone is a small sized instrument when compared to the Tuba, but both give low pitched notes.

At Sandra’s Music School, Express Baritone Lessons Acacia Gardens have a very accomplished tutor who has been a Band Conductor, Performer, Tutor and has studied in England for his grading work, giving him an honour in grade 8 music.

Phillip teaches this instrument, using Accent on Achievement booklet and advancing students to more challenging pieces as their learning develops.

All students are encouraged to prepare for their theory and practical examinations so they too can obtain Certificates in Music, and this is done through our school, working with the Australian Music Examination Board, taking students from grade one to grade eight.

Express Baritone Lessons Acacia Gardens highly recommend Phillip as your next music tutor, so call Express Baritone Lessons Acacia Gardens on 1300EXPRESS.