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Alto Saxophone Lessons Glenwood

The Alto Saxophone is a member of the saxophone family of woodwind instruments.  It is smaller than the tenor sax but larger than the soprano sax.  It is the most commonly used in classical compositions.

The Alto Sax is most commonly used in classical music, such as concert bands, chamber music, solos, military, marching and jazz bands.

The alto sax is an Eb transposing instrument and reads the treble clef.  This is a really lovely instrument to listen too and play, as it is extremely enjoyable to the performer and audience alike.

Mathew teaches techniques in all styles, prepares students for their practical examinations and theory exams.

Sandra’s Music School has an excellent Saxophone teacher who has come to Express Alto Saxophone Lessons Glenwood from the United States of America, where he has worked as an Independent Score Composer, Performing Musician, Professor of Music Theory and Composition with the Round Rock Symphony Orchestra.  He has also had two world premiers by the Austin Symphony.

Matthew loves playing the Tenor Sax and loves teaching it to others. Express Alto Saxophone Lessons Glenwood highly recommend Matthew as your Saxophone teacher, so call Express Alto Saxophone Lessons Glenwood on 1300EXPRESS.